WHO I AM // bio + experience


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→ Inaugural Captain of the Fellows at Parallel 18

→ Pioneer at Coalition X

Writer of Global Entrepreneur Ecosystem Series

Founding Team at Unreasonable Group

Youngest Employee of the Quarter at American Red Cross

Presidential Excellence In Humanitarian Service Award

E-commerce website-preneneur generating 1M users within 1 year of launch.

Cat George Dog Walking Co.

Most Spirited Award, Most “Happy-Go-Lucky”

As seen in the New York Times as featured as Broncos’ fan poster child

Hi. I’m Cat.

My life has been paved by two passions: entrepreneurship and social impact. From entrepreneurial endeavors beginning w/ a dog walking business in 5th grade to launching an e-commerce website with over 1M users in college, my innate entrepreneurial posture, creative problem-solving aptitude, and core belief in innovation made me a star-crossed lover of startup communities and culture.

” My life has been driven by two passions: entrepreneurship & social impact. “

My passion for social impact is evidenced from years volunteering, creating fundraisers and philanthropies. I’ve worked for NGOs in African townships and the American Red Cross. It wasn’t until I encountered Unreasonable where I was ecstatic to see these passions fuse in the field of entrepreneurs solving big problems. Going from Apprentice to Director of Community, I was part of the Founding Team as they scaled from 4 full time to 24 and was integral in helping close multimillion dollar contracts w/ MNCs such as Pearson, Barclays, Nike, and IBM.

” I was ecstatic to see these passions fuse in the field of entrepreneurs solving big problems. “

I am currently on a mission to pioneer a global fellowship that immerses and learns in 3 different ecosystems and continents over 3 years- leading a movement I’m calling Coalition X. I launched my first writing series and freelance career leveraging my skills in sales, branding, communications, community, hiring, and versatile skill set that makes me a savvy startup asset.

“I’m pioneering a movement called Coalition X – a globetrotting journey for those eager to leverage their skills in 3 new communities over the next 3 years.”

I’m a dog lover, deep end diver, and draft beer drinker and whole-hearted believer in the collective power of humanity. I’m dedicated relentlessly to leaving this world better off than I found it.

I’m dedicated to leaving this world better off than I found it.

let’s do this.


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  1. Francisco Jose Seguel King Avatar
    Francisco Jose Seguel King

    I really love this site…. i invest a few hours to read diferents parts of this…and i love t….. congrats Cat

    1. You are the best =) Thank you so much for this great comment. It made my day!

  2. You’re the raddest and I’m proud to know you!

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