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Going to the gym sucks. I said it. For those of you who beg to differ, I applaud you. My biggest barrier to going to the gym comes from a sense of insecurity of what I’m doing – I feel I’m often wasting my time running or trying to figure out one of those damn machines all the while of feeling deeply judged for my lack of knowledge. I think I speak for all of us in that I want to be healthy and fit, thought I need to find my customized unique path of doing so (the one that strays far and wide from your stereotypical gym).

I’m always on the hunt for a professional trainer to help lead the way, set up a routine and create a level of familiarity and consistency with my workout regime, both at times in the gym when the weather is not permitting and mostly, outside as I feel alive when I get to work out amongst nature. However, finding these types of sherpas for your unique fitness preferences is usually limited to the resources at your gym, providing a restrained selection that tends to be out of my price range.

Entrenarme is breaking down the physical barriers of personal trainer research & selection from your gym walls to an expansive online marketplace.

Here’s a company that’s changing this – Entrenarme. They are breaking down the physical barriers of personal trainer research and selection from your gym walls to an expansive online marketplace. Entrenarme is an online agency that connects two types of users. First, personal trainers who are seeking new customers and/or planning training sessions with current clients. Second, customers looking for new ways to improve their lifestyles through physical exercise or improve their current sports status. In other words, they are a personal trainers marketplace where people can compare, choose and contact the best professional in every sport among 10,000 trainers.

Entrenarme has 100,000 monthly users who can search for a personal trainer from the 10,000 trainers on the platform. 

Their platform is the largest in the world with current operations in three countries, Spain, Chile and the United Kingdom. The United States will likewise add to this list when they begin operating in Miami, Florida this September. In some ways, it has similarities to the United States company CoachUp, though CoachUp is more focused on children and group training sports. Entrenarme is a platform with over 100,000 monthly users and visitors looking for personal trainers – users looking for their perfect personal trainer. A huge following of which personal trainers pay 35 euros a month for a premium plan to have their profiles exposed to these users and generate new clients.

Entrenarme is scaling both geographically and into new business sectors to increase their value proposition.

CEO Diego Moya and the team are most excited to be scaling Entrenarme not only geographically, but also into to new sectors of business and their value proposition including creating software for their trainers to use with their clients and better track relationships and client support. Further, Entrenarme is piloting partnerships with corporate customers, such as the Walmart of Europe Carrefour, to promote new programs in nutrition and beyond. Though they are currently working with corporate clients like Microsoft and Sona to help lead their employee wellness programs, this novel pilot with 80 Carrefour stores will provide in person represents of Entrenarme nutrition experts in their stores in person. Entrenarme is out to be the go-to company for all things health, fitness, and wellness, accessible both online and in person at local shopping businesses. Their vision is to be the largest global personal trainer platform – a search engine for trainers, advice, and products. The Google of personal training and trainees if you will provide wisdom as well as find the wisdom you need. Though, as we all know, scaling internationally and operating cross-continentally is challenging (otherwise we would all be doing it). The team has learned that certain strategies that are successful in one culture can’t be replicated for identical success in another country, there’s a need to take into account the cultural novelties and adapt to changes in context. No matter how big the market is in the new place your company has scaled, high performance for your first clients is mandatory in order to create a reliable reputation in your new place of operations. However, finding the right investors who grow with you as you scale, mentors, and surrounding you and your company with high-quality supporters is a game changer, according to Diego.

Entrenarme is the Google of personal training – the largest search engine platform for expertise in all things fitness. 

Entrenarme is one of the startups participating in Parallel 18’s third generation of startups, the greatest impact the accelerator program has had on the company is opening their minds to an international scale, both through inspiration, connections and a network to support this expansion. And they are beyond grateful for this experience. Other than his immense gratitude and the impact that Parallel 18 has had on both him and his startup, Diego also shares two pieces of advice for fellow entrepreneurs. First, surround yourself with great knowledge and great people who genuinely want to help you out. In his mind, this is the only way entrepreneurs can learn and grow. The second piece of advice Diego shares – build a great team. Hire people who can do things you could never do and know more, different things you do.

[tweetthis]” Surround yourself with great people.” – Diego Moya, CEO of @Entrenarme[/tweetthis]

If you are looking for the perfect personal trainer to get you to that next level of health, physical fitness, and exercise expertise or even just looking to find an expert advisor on fitness, check out Entrenarme for the biggest selection of trainers globally. Alternatively, if you are a personal trainer or you know one, Entrenarme is here to help boost your personal brand and accelerate the number of clients in your book with access to their 100,000 users visiting every month. Sign up and see for yourself the power of the platform that future generations will remember as the Google of physical fitness and trainer support.

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