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Crowdfunding is a new way of financing businesses, projects or people. Leveraging many supporters through small investments rather than a limited number of investors through massive investments has already made it a compelling financing vehicle for startups globally, now surpassing Venture Capital investing annually. It’s an innovative model that allows a community to finance projects without as many costly roadblocks such as banks and other traditional financial middlemen. Now, just imagine how many communities are comprised of fans of musicians. We’re talking about a global network of fans who purchase albums, merchandise and concert tickets…but more than any of those products would value actually meeting their favorite artists–through Weeshing, all of this is possible, and more. The live music market alone is worth $6,550,000,000 globally – this is one hell of an investment opportunity. Weeshing is a startup that’s seizing this investment opportunity by offering a platform that leverages Crowdfunding so fans can invest in concerts with their favorite artists…and more than just the pride of helping land a killer concert, Weeshing delivers tailored VIP experiences for fans at those same events.

Crowdfunding is a new way of financing businesses, projects or people.

The Weeshing model starts with concert promoters who need funding to make their events a reality. Weeshing uploads event information and users of the platform then have the opportunity to invest under a set of preset rules and make a return on investment from successful events. For example, if I see Luis Fonsi (Despaaacito!) is coming to Puerto Rico, I’m sure as hell going to want to have a piece of the pie for what I feel like will be a high-demand, sold out concert. The upfront investment helps promoters fuel other marketing activities to sell as many tickets as possible – a.k.a. helping deliver you the highest returns on your investment. The larger the community of upfront investment, the better the chance of strong returns as the promoters have enough resources to do everything that needs to be done to set up the event for success, sell out the venue, and maximize resources for a smashingly successful show. Weeshing’s events include festivals (such as the Wanderlust Festival) and concerts with artists such as Journey, Cee Lo Green, Hanson, Hoobastank, and more. Investors can select their investment range anywhere from $1 to $1 million. Of a sample of 22 investment opportunities, 20% of investors had 40-50% profitability, 23% had 25-30% profitability, 33% had 15-20% profitability and 23% had 5-10% profitability. Investors of one event had a 50% return. That’s better than most decade-old 401Ks. Since their launch in May 2015, they’ve garnered $5.2M investment on their platform for over 120 events, from 1400 unique investments and 600 investors—these investors profit from the fact that Weeshing averages a 4.8% return on investment per event. And they are just getting started.

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On average, Weeshing investors receive a 4.8% return on investment per event.

All people love music. This is why CFO of Weeshing, Javier Hasbun, created the company based on the fact that all people love music and want to see their favorite bands, especially closer to home and not in the nosebleed seats in a stadium, or in the mosh pit! Weeshing lives to change the way live music comes to life and brings music fans’ together, both at the live events they want to see and for the chance to invest in events their fellow fans want to see too. Hasbun is the definition of a serial entrepreneur in that Weeshing is the 7th company he’s launched, five of which are still active. His companies have been mostly tech-related as well as VC firms and hedge funds, giving him the perfect experience to be running an innovative platform of investments. Right now, Weeshing works to fund promoters directly which is how the entire investment process starts; however, in the future, they hope to work directly with artists to remove middlemen promoters and maximize investment returns for fans. Weeshing is currently active in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and the United States – and making their debut in Puerto Rico in a few months time. They generate revenue by charging commissions to promoters and investors on the platform and the more successful live events are and the better results, the more revenue they generate – creating a win-win-win scenario for promoters, investors, and themselves. The best kind of scenario there is.

All people love music – this inspired Weeshing’s existence. 

Javier’s biggest excitement for Weeshing is that they are closing huge deals currently on the table and expanding the number of events featured, including large festivals, concerts, and even events like Google io LATAM. The live music market in Latin America alone is worth $1B and countries like Peru have huge, untapped potential for this market considering this industry is 5 years behind. However, Weeshing is the first of its kind to enter the market in Peru. Their biggest challenge is demonstrating to the live music industry that their platform is a good change from antiquated ways currently managed by artist management agencies. However, they are also a resource for these agencies in that they bring a global network of trusted music promoters to the table.

Weeshing is the first of its kind to enter the market in Peru. 

If you are looking to invest as little as $500, be a key player with your favorite band, and invest in a new industry, sign up for Weeshing now and check the active shows. And they are expanding globally – Javier has already received over a half a dozen calls from people who want to open Weeshing in new countries including Australia, Uruguay, and Spain to name a few. Reach out to them if you share their spirit and want to bring Weeshing to your country. Follow their journey and get involved by backing their Fundable campaign. Weeshing is delivering what fans want now in a new and inclusive way. Be part of the ground floor of this innovative platform by empowering communities to create opportunities for their favorite musicians to perform for their best fans…and put some money in everyone’s pockets along the way.

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