don’t stop.

Keep looking.

You are so much more

then you let yourself think

You give so much more

to those blind to your heart overfilled with generosity.

Why do you fear

That you think too highly of yourself?

Fear you are not enough.

Not worth it.

Fear that unrequited love

Is proportional to your self-worth.

Remember that moment listening

to love me like you do by the string quartet.

The moment that grounded you.

When you realized the ridiculousness of putting yourself out there so much

for someone you don’t really want

But your want just aggravated

By its lack of return.

Maybe the universe did it because he needed it.

Visualize that moment

when you get on your knees at your wedding to embrace your loving mom.

Hug your brother who is a groomsman. Tears fill your eyes as your dad lets you go. And when he lifts the veil,

you still can’t see your husband’s face.

But you know he is smiling

Encountering the most beautiful thing

That’s lifted him up and forever his.

Find him. You will. Keep going.

Stay true.

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