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Over 2.7 billion people actively use social media. This is 37% of the world’s population.  This week, Facebook alone just reached 2 billion monthly users. Needless to say, social media has become integrated into our lifestyles and everyday use. And not just for everyday humanity, but social media is a powerhouse business tool as well. Social networks earned an estimated $8.3 billion from advertising in 2015. 38% of organizations plan to spend more than 20% of their total advertising budgets on social media channels, up from 13% a year ago. And 83% of Fortune 500 brands are on Twitter – looking to reach the 320 million users on Twitter around the world. So how do these brands create authentic engagements with their consumers?

83% of Fortune 500 brands are on Twitter.

Meet a marketing tool called Flimper, an expert technology platform for empowering relationships between brands and users to create personalized experiences. Flimper helps brands benefit their users directly through campaigns that provide anything from exclusive content to photos to discounts to calls to actions with opportunities to get involved. Flimper started with the idea that if a user talks about a brand, they can get something from them not to mention this idea sprung from a time when social media as an industry was garnering a great deal of investment traction. Having launched in June 2014, Flimper is scaling consistently having jumped from $40k revenue in 2015 to over $200k in 2016, a growth they are seeing increase month over month. And this company is just getting started. They expanded to Instagram this April to add another social media platform to their repertoire of expertise and are in conversations to continue this expansion on other media platform as well, creating partnerships with these social media brands. Though traditionally Twitter has dominated the market in how brands connect with users on social media, Instagram is on the rise with 400 million users and counting. This stage of growth is an ideal one, taking into account their increasing revenue numbers, increased opportunities having scaled to Instagram’s platform, created a team with13 full-time employees, and are working with 150 clients around the world including Discover, Coca-Cola, Samsung and even Twitter. And 95% of their clients return after working with them.

Technology & team are the secret sauce that drives results for Flimper’s customers – 95% of whom work with them again and again. 

Why? Though customers love the technology that gets results, they are even more impressed by the 13 person team who rallies behind the brands’ sides and push the results for each campaign. According to the Co-Founder of Flimper, Shniur Kiesel, “Clients are confident that when they work with us, we’ll do everything possible for success.” And the Flimper team doesn’t reserve their social media genius for only their clients but likewise unlock lessons and tips for successful campaigns with the public on their blog. By leveraging expertise of the team and lessons from their triumphs and failures over the last few years, the Flimper team is not only dedicated to getting results, but also brilliant at making these campaigns as simple as possible for their clients and incorporating a core human element that helps social media users to engage with the calls to action from brand campaigns. And simplicity is key – both for brands and campaign engagement from users. “The more simple you make something, the more likely they’ll do it”, says Shniur. Shniur grew up in a Jewish community in Argentina led by his father who was a Rabbi. He has cross-continental and cross-sector experience ranging from managing logistics in Asia to working in the food industry in Israel to working at a hedge fund in New York City to launching startups in Argentina. This range of experiences, high and low and far and wide, have been key to his entrepreneurial journey and current success as Flimper‘s team has reached a new stage of growth.

Not only does the Flimper team leverage their expertise to drive success for their clients, but they also unlock learnings and expertise on their blog.

Read their blog here.

This success also stems from a core part of Flimper‘s belief in culture. “Flimper is a human company where humans are happy,” Shniur says. “We are building a company that we want to work at. We value self-starters and leaders over bosses. Creating a relaxed environment of work where I can be sure 100% of the team is excited to be part of it. Our motto is to treat one another awesome – we like when one another are human to each other, human and we take care of each other.” This team enthusiasm and evolved sense of culture perhaps the main driver for why the team is achieving results and accumulated customers who partner with them again and again.

“ Flimper is a human company where humans are happy – we are building the type of work culture that we want to work at. ”  Shniur Kiesel, Co-Founder of Flimper

As for the future of social media, Shniur predicts we’re heading toward a reality in which social media is used as currency and will be integrated into every part of a business, from sales, communications, marketing and advertising to even legal, logistics and operations. Not to mention, the future is condensing the dozens of social media platforms to one single platform that consumers all others. Imagine the world in which there’s a platform that is the fusion of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even Myspace to name a few.

We’re heading to future where social media is currency.

Flimper is currently part of the third generation of Parallel 18, an accelerator of which the global community of people has had the biggest impact on Shniur – meeting potential friends, customers, and investors. However, Shniur says “Meeting fellow entrepreneurs is the best part of all.”

“ The fellow entrepreneurs at Parallel 18 are the best part of all. ”

 Shniur Kiesel, Co-Founder of Flimper

2 pieces of wisdom for fellow entrepreneurs:

Shniur shares 2 key pieces of wisdom from the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial journey:

  1. Don’t worry about money. If you keep doing what you are doing, money will come.
  2. First, relax. Then, keep doing. Don’t worry and don’t stress, keep on working and enjoy your work – a lesson he’s learned personally from a couple years of burnout in early phases of his startup journey, an experience common to entrepreneurs, but seldom talked about.

Don’t worry about money & don’t stress.”  Shniur Kiesel, Co-Founder of Flimper

If you are interested in working with a results-achieving company for your brand campaign to personally reach hundreds of millions of social media users in an authentic way, request a demo. Or if you are interested in working at a human-centric company that is on the rise, Flimper is the place for you. Reach out to them.

If you want to work with a team that gets results for your brand campaign or work at a human-centric company on the rise, Flimper is the place for you.

Connect with them now.

Spoiler alert – they are super f*ckin awesome. 

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